Millers Ley

Millers Ley, Ashford, Kent

'Beth provided invaluable advice and guidance. She carefully took time to understand how I wanted to live and work in the property then skilfully crafted a comprehensive programme for the entire property.'
Mark Farris

Millers Ley is an 18th century Grade II listed property with early 19th century additions and was in a very poor state when I acquired the property. Consequently,it required a substantial, back to skeleton renovation to the highest sustainability standards in line with SPAB accepted procedures and materials application.

Given the volume of structural renovation and refurbishment that had been undertaken, it was critical that we took great care in providing an internal environment that reflected the building’s history, as well as providing the optimum comfort for modern day living, and importantly, avoided unnecessary period pastiche.

Beth was instrumental in the design across the whole property, inside and outside. Her attention to detail is second to none, and the copious research undertaken across the spectrum of finish, materials, furniture and accessories has yielded an environment which begs to be adored.  Her management of the project and of the various contractors has me wishing I had engaged her far earlier in the renovation project, where she would have undoubtedly have improved contractor performance and budget compliance.

I am now the proud owner of a superb property which receives frequent admiration from friends and those passing by. Beth’s knowledge in working with buildings of this nature is beyond measure and has allowed this, now beautiful house to breathe proudly once again. Of considerable value was her depth of experience in construction and finish; I can say that had I proceeded without her the overall impact would have been a pale shadow of the home I now have the pleasure of living in. —Mark Farris.

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