Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space. It has the ability to change the mood or atmosphere in a room and also its perceived size.

Lighting should be used to highlight and zone certain areas without having to use structural divisions.

The style and architectural structure of the lighting will help define and add to your style and texture within the building.

At Beth Barker Designs, we can specify all of your lighting requirements as part of your overall project, and having accounts with most lighting manufacturers allows us to work across the spectrum of budgets.

We can make bespoke lampshades to order and we have a huge selection of shapes and styles that we can guide you through to finish off your room. With our knowledge of the making process we can make sure you choose the perfect fabric to complement your decor.

Lighting designs Kent and Sussex | Beth Barker Designs
Lighting in a dining room to centralise and highlight the table | Beth Barker Designs
Lighting Designs Tunbridge Wells | Beth Barker Designs
Using a beautiful chandelier in a scheme to add definition and style | Beth Barker Designs